Having trouble logging in or finding bookings or results? Here are a few hints based on member experience in the first week.

Log In

When logging on, please use your 5 digit member number and password (day and month of birth). Old passwords will not work and your initial password is day and month of birth, eg 2301. Your 5 digit member number is the FIRST 5 digitsof your old 6 digit member number. For most members this is the same as the last 5 digits of your GolfLink number. If your member number was 012345 then use 01234. Typically this member would have a GolfLink no 5020201234. Some members have GolfLink numbers where the last 5 digits do not match the 5 digit member numbers, for example members with a different home club. You cannot log in using your full 10 digit GolfLink number (unlike the old site). New Member cards have been issued, please collect yours from the Bar if you haven't already.

Member Number or Password rejected

Many web browsers and mobile phones or tablets remember your login account and password for a particular web site. When you reach the login screen, the browser may have already put in your old username (member no) and password. If so, check that the member no is 5 digits, not 6 as used for the old website. If a 6 digit number is displayed, backspace out the LAST digit. Also, if you had changed your password in the old website, you must use the initial password of day and month of birth, eg 2301.

If you put in the wrong password 5 times and are locked out, you will need to contact the Office and request a password reset.

Page Not Found error

If you access the website via a bookmark or favourite, or from a Google search, chances are you will see a "404 Page Not Found" error page. This results from the bookmark or Google link pointing to a page on our old website that does not exist on our new website. For example, the old Member Login page was www.fhgc.com.au/security/login.msp. To go to the new site use www.fhgc.com.au without anything after it. The error page has a message included to click to go to our home page. Then you should re-bookmark it and delete the old bookmark. Eventually, Google searches will catch up, but we cannot control these old links.

Getting to Bookings

When you log in you will be take to the Member Home page. At the top of this page are two scrolling news items, the left being Member News, and the other bing general news also on the Home page.

Below these news items are a list of booking sheets currently open, and this is the best way for you to access them, just scroll the page till you see them.

A menu link to the Booking Sheets page has been added, but we would rather you go to the Member Home page first as there may be important news we want you to see when you access the website.

Booking your partners

If you have assigned members to your list of partners (under "My Partners" below your name on the top right of the screen), you can quickly book some of them on the booking sheet by clicking "Quick Book", which will give you "Me" and the names of your partners. To book Other members or guests you can use the other boxes lower on the booking form. Don't forget to click "Save"! Some improvements in the layout of this form are being developed.

Accessing your Golf Australia Handicap

After you log in, the Login menu changes to your name (on a PC) or a people icon (on a mobile or tablet). By clicking/tapping here a menu is shown allowing access to My Details, My Account and "View GL Handicap". The latter takes you to GolfLink at golf.org.au.

My Account

Please note that this page only provides account balances. Transaction details are not currently available. 

Competition Results

Recent competition results are available from the Member Home page below the booking sheets. All new results are available under Golf/Competition Results. Past results from 1/1/18 to 24/6/18 are available under Golf/Historical Results.