Extreme temperature (heat)

The club administration recommends that members and visitors do not play under conditions of high temperatures. Any person who plays in high temperatures does so at their own risk.

Should the temperature be forecast 38.0°C or above by the Bureau of Meteorology for Noarlunga, the following will apply:

1.1 The last tee off time will be 8.45 am.

1.2 On days where the forecast temperature exceeds 38.0°C or above. the use of golf carts may be limited or excluded at the discretion of Management, Chair of Match & Greens and Pro Shop staff.

1.3 Regardless of the guidelines, the General Manager, Captain and/or the Chair of Match and Greens have ultimate responsibility to make any decision banning the use of motorised carts or cancelling play for all golfers.

This information will be available from the Pro Shop staff on the day of play.  Alternative directions may be posted on the noticeboard and website under certain conditions and carts may be completely banned in extremely hot days.

On any day when the forecast temperature is 36C or more, carts must be driven in the rough as much as possible.

Extreme Wet Weather Motorised Vehicle Policy

When the extreme wet weather motorised vehicle policy is active, all motorised vehicles that a person sits in, sits on or stands on must be driven in the rough, and on the high side of the fairway in play. Cutting across fairways in motorised vehicles is prohibited. Best practice is to drive up equal to where your ball lays and walk across the fairway, even if your ball is on the opposite side. It is recommended to take a couple of clubs with you, and please take your sand bucket.

Lightning – Discontinuance of play

Refer to Rules of Golf rule 5.7

If lightning around the Golf Course presents a danger, then the “Course Protocol: Cancelled or Suspended Play” will be enforced. A decision will be made by authorised personnel, taking into consideration weather forecasts and trends, as well as, appropriate discussions with authorities. Any player who continues to play once play has been suspended or cancelled will be disqualified. Always remember:

• If you are concerned about lightning, make your way as quickly as possible to the clubhouse or Pro Shop.

• If caught on the course and unable to get off, do not stand under tall trees or sit in a golf cart.

• Get away from your cart and golf clubs. Do not use an umbrella.

• Stay away from water.

• Remove any metal spiked shoes.

• Get down low, Crouch on the balls of your feet (reduces your contact with the ground)

• Hands should be kept on your knees rather than touching the ground.

• Do not use your mobile phone.

3. Course Unplayable

If any of the club’s authorized personnel consider the course to be in an unplayable condition or that there are circumstances that render the proper playing of the game impossible, they may, order a temporary suspension or cancellation of play, refer to “Course Protocol: Cancelled or Suspended Play”


This policy covers the situation where play for the Club’s competition of the day is required to be cancelled or suspended.  The reasons for the cancellation or suspension may include but are not limited to:

The course is deemed unplayable or unsafe due to lightning, storms resulting in flooding, heat stress on the course or a serious accident causing a hole or holes to be taken out of play.  

The following people are authorised to determine if the competition is to be cancelled or suspended for a determined period of time and for the resumption of play.

Club Manager, Pro Shop Staff, any member of the Match & Greens Committee or Board of Management.

Suspension and Resumption of Play

Procedure for suspension and resumption of play to be in accordance with rule 5.7 and the Recommendations for Lightning as documented in the Extreme Weather Policy.

Players are to be notified of the state of play by way of the following sirens:

•    One 10 second long blast will be sounded on the siren to SUSPEND play. Players to cease play, mark & lift your ball & briskly return to the Clubhouse or a point of safety.

•    Two 3 second short blasts on the siren to RESUME play. Refer procedure under rule 5.7c,d.

•    Three 3 second short blasts, will be sounded on the siren to indicate that play has been CANCELLED.

It is against the rules of golf to continue play once play is suspended. If in DOUBT players should MARK their golf ball and wait for the decision to be clarified.

This is particularly relevant to short downpours of rain which can leave our greens temporarily flooded and unplayable. If relief can be taken to provide an unimpeded line of putt to the hole, play does not need to be suspended. However, if any greens become unplayable due to no access to relief, play will be temporarily suspended until the affected greens drain satisfactorily.

If play has been SUSPENDED, the authorised person(s) shall review this decision at 30 minute intervals, or at an appropriate lesser interval where play has been suspended because of flooded greens

If time does not permit those players whose play has been suspended to complete their round, the remaining play will be deemed to be cancelled.

Should play RESUME and a player choose not to proceed, that player shall be disqualified from the competition per rule 5.7c.

Any player who continues to play once play has been suspended or cancelled will be DISQUALIFIED, per Rule 5.7b.

Competition Management

Those players unable to finish their rounds when the competition has been CANCELLED, will have their entrance fee credited to the following club competition of the same weekday.

If the competition was also a major Club event, including trophy events and club championships, then the Match Committee will decide whether the event is to be rescheduled or abandoned.

Providing 2 or more players can complete the round, the competition will be deemed valid for those having completed the round at the time of play being cancelled.