NEW in 2024

The Wednesday Winter Eclectic provides Wednesday players a similar format to the Summer Eclectic, comprising 5 Stableford rounds, and the best Stableford score on each hole being used. The entry fee is payable on the first round.

It is very advantageous but not essential to  play all rounds. Players may enter in round 2. If a player played in round 1 and enters in round 2, their round 1 scores will be included.

For 2024, round dates are 10 April, 8 May, 26 June, 24 July, 28 August.

If play is cancelled for any round due to extreme weather, that round will be rescheduled to the next available Stableford competition.

Latest and Past Results:

Wednesday Winter Eclectic 2024 Round 2 Summary.pdf (89.8 KB)
Wednesday Winter Eclectic 2024 Round 2 Scores.pdf (530.8 KB)