New 16th fairway returns to play.

by Mr Geoff Kelly @ 11:14 AM, 15th Sep 2023

The re-shaped 16th fairway will finally be back in play from Saturday 16th September.

Preferred lies within a clublength will apply to the 16th hole (to allow for worn areas around the temporary tees), but have been removed for the remainder of the course.

The seeded areas marked GUR are no-play areas, with normal GUR relief required - must drop off.

The re-shaping, re-turfing and re-irrigating of this fairway has been a longer than expected project due to weather conditions which are thankfully behind us. The availability of suitable soil from the excavation for the new clubhouse, and massive assistance from Living Choice in transporting and distributing it, has allowed us to greatly improve the profile of this fairway, increasing the landing zone and providing good quality turf. Additional quality topsoil was also purchased for the final layer, and purchased turf as well as turf salvaged from the 1st fairway in the area out of play has led to a high quality playing surface.

A new red tee block has been created further forward, and a bark chip path taking traffic along the left side will help preserve the playing surface. Cart users may drive on the new turf but we strongly encourage staying on the path as much as practicable.

For players who have had so many pars and a few birdies on the par 3 version, the challenge is now back. We hope you enjoy the new experience.

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