The Mixed Foursomes Championships are conducted over two 18 hole rounds on successive Sundays. Play is in teams of two with two teams per tee time.

The 2024 Mixed Foursomes will be played on Sunday 24 November 2024 and 1 December 2024.

The winner of the 2023 Gross event was Mark Jante and Wendy Butler. The winner of the Net event was Robert and Evelyne Fraser.

Players alternate tees on each hole, then alternately hit until the ball is holed. For the second round the tee order is reversed. Refer to the Rules of Golf for the format of Foursomes and specific rules associated with Foursomes.

The Foursomes Championship winning team will be based on gross scores. A tie after 18 holes will determined by a play-off over 2 holes and if still a tie, sudden death from the 3rd hole. The play-off is an extension of the second round and alternate tee order continues in sequence.

A net winner will be based on the average handicap of the two players.In the event of a tie in the Handicap Event, the winner will be decided on a countback.

The 2022 mixed foursomes was cancelled due to insufficient entrants.


Gerald and Sandra Pryor - Winner 2021 Net Mixed Foursomes

Mark Jante and Wendy Butler - Winner 2021 Gross Mixed Foursomes

Past results

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