Rick O'Donnell wins $1000 on Chase The Ace

by Mr Geoff Kelly @ 08:29 PM, 6th May 2022

Congratulations to Rick O'Donnell for winning Chase The Ace tonight, 6th May 2022.

Not that it was that hard - only four cards left in the deck. But Rick was very happy to receive his $1000 in cash!

Because it was won on the first spin, and we had such a great response in ticket sales, we conducted the regular raffle for the generously donated prizes, threw in 3 drink vouchers, then ran another 3 spins on Chase The Ace for $1000, with a new deck. Nobody won, but all received a drink voucher. Then to complete the night we held a single raffle spin for a $50 meal voucher.

Friday nights at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club are a bundle of fun, with great meals and atmosphere. Come along next week and enjoy the eventing!

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