New Junior Members

by Mr Joel Cross @ 03:03 PM, 22nd Nov 2019

We’re so excited about our future and we want you to be a part of it. Golf is an amazing game, one which can be enjoyed by all people of all ages. We would like to invite new juniors to our club to learn an amazing sport, share some great facilities and most importantly meet new friends and have an amazing time!! Any new junior member at Flagstaff Hill Golf Club has access to the below introductory rates:

Please also be aware School Sports Vouchers can be used as part of membership fees.

The Flagstaff Hill Golf Club are passionate about junior development and we love seeing new players get involved in the game. This membership will provide access to the course and expose junior golfers to amazing opportunities with experienced teaching professionals. Plus, all new juniors will receive a new member pack with a special FHGC gift.

 Our Tuesday evening junior clinics are an amazing way to learn the basics of the game, with sessions running throughout the year. Flagstaff Hill juniors also have the opportunity to be involved in our “My Golf League” team and compete in junior championships testing their skills for competitive trophies. We can assist any junior with a starter set, so please if you need any assistance, we are always here to help…

So please come along and get involved, we are excited to welcome new juniors to our club and share the game we all love so much!!!   

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