Men's Chip & Sip Wraps up for winter

by Mr Peter Cornish @ 11:51 PM, 23rd May 2021

In the final round of the Men's Chip & Sip, the group was split into 3 teams 'The Good' 'The Bad' and 'The Ugly'. and played a hotly contested 9 hole Ambrose competition. 'The Ugly' team cleaned up with 37, 'The Bad' with a close 41 and 'The Good' dragged their heels with 46.

Everybody agreed the Chip & Sip program was a great experience and will highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn how to play golf.

Many thanks to our program participants, Sarah Norris for patient coaching, Phill Edwards, John Gilchrist & Rick ODonnell for their support and of course Living choice for their generous sponsorship.   

Chip & Sip with re-commence when the weather fines in Spring  

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