COVID Vaccination Update

by Mr Geoff Kelly @ 12:09 PM, 14th Jan 2022

Dear Members and Guests,

Thank you for your efforts and understanding during the implementation of our mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. The Board continues to monitor developments both locally and abroad to best protect our staff, members, and guests from the pandemic.

Please be aware, the deadline for uploading your vaccination status is Friday the 14th of January. Therefore, members will not be able to book in on Saturday 15th January if vaccination compliance is not complete. You can register your vaccine status on the FHGC website, in the ProShop, at the office or via email to

The Board understands this is a fluid situation, which requires constant consultation. The Club’s current vaccination policy will be discussed weekly by the Board and a change will occur when the Board feels it is necessary. This may be a short-term preventative measure to protect our patrons, it is difficult to forecast, however, the Board will make decisions given the most recent information from recognised government and health organisations.

Kind Regards

Paul Shillabeer - Captain


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