COVID-19 Update - 23rd March 2020

by Mr Joel Cross @ 02:17 PM, 23rd Mar 2020

The Flagstaff Hill GC wishes to inform all members that the course is still open for business. Golf is a sport which helps everyone remain active and one of the few social activities which complies with the social distancing requirements. So please come and enjoy the course.
Further COVID-19 Safety Precautions
There have been further developments regarding COVID-19 over the weekend. As a result of the increased safety precautions the Club will, in conjunction with the other measures already employed:

Takeaway Food
In an effort to support the whole community, the Club has decided to trial a takeaway food menu. All orders can be placed in person at the ProShop or office. Phone orders should go via the office. The menu will be rotated to provide variety. We hope as many people can benefit from this service as possible. Orders must be collected at the Club by 5pm, there may be limited delivery services available, please enquire when ordering. Our first menu is as follows:

Chilli and Rice


Beef madras and rice  


Shepherd’s Pie   


Chicken and mushroom pie


Beef and mushroom pie  


Frittata, salad and beetroot relish


Beef tortellini in mushroom sauce


9 inch Ham and Pineapple Pizza 


12 inch Pepperoni Pizza      


12 inch Veggie Pizza    


We are considering all other instructions and membership service obligations going forward.
If you have any suggestions or additions please let me know.
Kind regards
Joel Cross
General Manager

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