Council Approval: Stage 2

by Mr Joel Cross @ 02:20 PM, 4th Oct 2019

After several years of extensive negotiations, the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club and Living Choice Australia have received Planning Application approval for the construction of 4 apartment blocks and a spectacular new clubhouse. This is an amazing announcement, which will secure the long-term sustainability of the club and ensure we have the best, most incredible facilities available to any South Australian golf club.

We would love to share this amazing journey with as many people as possible, so please join now and be a part of something truly unique and special. This development will provide unprecedented facilities for golfers, plus provide a fantastic restaurant, bar and entertainment hub for everyone within the Onkaparinga Council and beyond.

We currently have both 18-month and 6-month membership specials for 7-day access so please contact the office and join now to avoid disappointment!!! The current images are stunning, please enjoy them below. We can’t wait for the future development and we want the whole community to join us …   

Please also see an announcement from Living Choice available here


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