Captains Night 14th June 2018

by Mr Geoff Kelly @ 09:01 AM, 16th Jun 2018

The Captain’s night was well attended by Members, with guests including State Local MP Steve Murray, Living Choice and planning firm URPS. A summary of the presentation follows.

Living Choice Project

Thursday the 7th June 2018, the Governor of South Australia signed the Revocation of the Open Space Proclamation allowing the Club to proceed with the sale of Land to Living Choice. The member for Davenport Mr. Steve Murray MP made the announcement last night to the members. The Board would like to acknowledge Steve’s assistance in getting the support of the State Government.

This is a significant step in the future of the club and now allows us to commence with planning applications to council for the Renovation of the Club House and the construction of the Living Choice Village.

Our expected timeline from here would be that applications are presented to Council for approval in July, all being well approved within three months and construction commencing in February/March 2019.

As you would be aware funds for the Sale of the land to Living Choice will be available to us once the subdivision, Villa and Club House approvals have been granted by Council.

See the Living Choice’s web site for additional information.

SA Water Initiative

The Club has completed testing on the water sample supplied by SA Water and can confirm that the water is both suitable for use on the course and safe to members and staff.

The next step involves discussions with SA Water in regards to the cost of the infrastructure to divert the water to our dam. Initial estimates are approximately $230,000. A number of options are currently being considering by the board and we will continue to update the members as we progress.

Strategic Plan

Vice-Captain Rob Manton discussed the status of the Strategic Plan and how the Living Choice project will impact its implementation.

The strategic plan is currently under review with focus areas (sub-committees) to be revisited in light of the Club’s partnership with Living Choice.

Members should expect to receive a survey in the coming weeks seeking their input into the focus areas and follow on sub-committees and also seeking any interest in serving on a particular sub-committee.

Junior Development

Director Aaron Shepherd gave us an update on progress associated with increasing junior development as identified in the Strategic Plan.  He reported significant headway in laying important foundations and enlisting the support of member Jan Douglass and Nick McCormack (McCormack Junior Golf Club).  Recent junior clinics run by Nick and Jan have been extremely well attended and the club is extremely fortunate to be supported this endeavour.  Members were encouraged to volunteer to assist the supervision of juniors on Saturday afternoons from 3:30pm.   Registrations to volunteer can be made directly to the office, or by contacting Aaron directly.

Web Page

Member Geoff Kelly presented the new web page that the club will be using very soon.

The new site is considerably easier to navigate and members should find this a much more enjoyable experience.

We will provide members with more details as the launch date approaches, a very special thanks to Geoff for his efforts in making this possible.

Paul Shillabeer

Club Captain

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