Weekly Twilight Competitions are conducted during Daylight Saving. Why not come and try it, and stay for dinner.

For 2020-21 the competition will be held on Friday afternoons as well as Thursday afternoons, to enable players to stay on and participate in the Friday night dining and Member Draw. Please advise Bar staff if you are intending to dine after the round and your expected finish time.

Tee bookings are available but prior booking is not essential. You may play from 2:00 PM on 1st tee to 5:45 and from 4:00 to 5:45 from the 10th tee.

Weekly results are displayed against the day of play in the normal Competition Results page, and in Historical Results. You may play on both Thursday and Friday and both games will b eincluded in the results. As for Mid-week competitions "-Thu" or "-Fri" will be added to names in published results to allow both games to be included.

A season prize, currently sponsored by Random Shot Wines, is awarded based on average of the best 10 rounds played - only those who have played at least 10 rounds are eligible. Season results for 2020-21 will include both Thursday and Friday games. Updates to the reporting software may delay publication for the first week or two. 

The latest results for the current season are at the top of the list below.

The overall winner of the Twilight Season for 2019/20 was Andy McHugh, with an average of the best 10 rounds of 19.3, an excellent result with 7 of 18 rounds better than 18 points.

Runner up was Mal Edgeworth with an average of 19.1

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who have played in this competition.

For the latest progressive season results for the current season and past seasons, view the latest file listed below.

Please note that all season results files after round 17, 30/1/2020 have been revised (26/1/2020) to take account of the implementation of the World Handicap System from 30/1/2020, which eliminates the need for score adjustment because the Daily HC is adjusted instead. Previously published results for rounds after 30/1/2020 had erroneously included score adjustment for different courses based on the pre-WHS rules. All competitions prior to 30/1/2020 have correctly applied score adjustments to cater for the difference between course ratings and pars etc as per Golf Australia guidelines applicable prior to 30/1/2020. For Round 17 (30/1/2020) there were no players due to weather conditions, so there is no results file.


Prior to the earliest results presented here, there was no season prize.

Twilight Season 2020-21-Round3.pdf (64.2 KB)
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