Gender Neutrality

Most competitions at the club are gender neutral except for the Tuesday morning Women's competitions, and several Honour Board events focussed on men or women.

Choice of Tees

Male players who have difficulty scoring well on the Blue course are encouraged to play the White or Red course when available.

The World Handicapping System adjusts Daily Handicaps based on the course played in a way that net or Stableford/Par scores on any course are equivalent, allowing players to choose between Blue, White and Red tees for Men and Red tees for Women. A male player with 36 points on the Blue course and a player with 36 points on the Red course, or a woman with 36 points on the Red course are all equal in a competition combining these courses.

This equality is obtained by the way the Daily Handicap is calculated according to WHS guidelines, which accounts for the differences between the pars, scratch ratings and slopes of the different courses. The formula for calculating the daily HC is:

Daily Handicap = (GA Handicap x (Slope Rating ÷ 113) + (Scratch Rating - Par)) x 0.93

Examples are illustrated below for 18 hole courses:


Blue Men

White Men Red Men Red Women
Par 72 72 72 73
Scratch 72 71 69 74
Slope 126 123 119 126
GA Daily HC
0 0 -1 -3 1
5 5 4 2 6
10 10 9 7 11
15 16 15 12 16
20 21 20 17 22
30 31 30 27 32
40 41 41 36 42

The choice of tees varies from day to day. Blue tees are confined to Wednesdays and Saturdays to limit wear. Some competitions do not offer the choice of tees due to limited demand. Please consult the Pro Shop for details applicable on a specific day. The following is a general guide to tee choices available:

  Blue M White M Red M Red F White F
Midweek SFD   Y   Y Y
Weekly 9 hole   Y   Y  
Twilight 9 hole   Y   Y  
Wednesdays Y Y Y Y  
Saturdays Y Y Y Y  
Sundays   Y Y Y  

Results display and Leaderboard

Competitions which include multiple tee combinations, including 9 hole competitions combining front and back nine's, combine all players into a single field for the purpose of prize allocations and the published results of prize winners.

Limitations of the Leaderboard software mean that only a "main" combination such as Blue Men and Red Women, or White Men and Red Women, are combined on the Leaderboard display. Results for other tees are displayed separately.


Only the Tuesday Women's 18 hole competition and the Saturday main competition have prizes allocated in A, B, C grade, but Nearest The Pin competitions use A, B, C grades for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays/Public Holidays.

Grade ranges for Tuesday Women's competitions are A: up to 22, B:23-29, C: 30 and over.

For all other competitions the ranges are A: up to 12, B: 13-18, C: 19 and over.

The maximum daily HC for men and women is 54.

Nearest The Pin competitions

For Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, NTP applies in 3 grades on the 9th hole.

For Saturdays, NTP applies for A grade on 7th, B grade on 3rd, C grade on 9th, and All Grades on 13th. In addition, second shot NTP applies as follows:

Ray White Real Estate: A grade on 12th, B, C grade on 6th.

Alsco: A, B, C grade on 16th.

2nd shot NTP prizes are a sponsor logo ball, which jackpots if not won.

Please place the NTP marker behind the ball or an equivalent distance from the hole. Do not scratch marks in the green surface. If a Hole In One is achieved, place teh marker in the NTP sheet holder and write Hole In One against the name on the sheet. The ball must be on the green to qualify for NTP.  Be sure to write your name clearly on the NTP sheet, and use your actual name, not nick-names. It is not necessary for the marker to sign.

Stroke Competitions

Record the strokes taken on the card, and if disqualified on a hole, continue to record strokes for the rest of the round as handicapping is based on the equivalent Stableford score and is valid even though a wipe on a hole due to a lost ball disqualifies you from winning a prize.

Stableford and Par competitions

Always check the Strokes taken. The Pro Shop enteres the Strokes Taken into the computer, which works out Stableford or Par results. Many errors arise because players and markers agree on Stableford points but have the wrong strokes recorded.

Always return your scorecard.

Regardless of how badly you play or if you fail to complete the round, always return your card as the Pro Shop must account for every player entered in the competition and missing cards create unnecessary work for staff searching for cards that may have been missed before recording a No Score result.