The Flagstaff Hill Golf Club is teaming with Living Choice to create South Australia's first integrated Golf Course and Retirement Village.

This exciting development, subject to approvals, will transform the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club to a high quality Golf Course and Retirement Village complex with excellent facilities including Restaurant and Coffee Shop, and many more.

Please visit the Living Choice Web Site for more information.

A flyover video of the proposed development is also available:

Local MP Steve Murray recently announced, at a Captain's Meeting of Members, that the Open Space planning declaration has been removed in respect of the relevant land areas, allowing this project to proceed to Council and Subdivision approval. More information is available in this news item.

The Flagstaff Hill Golf Club looks forward to this transformational development, which will secure the long term future of the club and greatly enhance the Golf Course and Clubhouse facilities, as well as bringing new members into the club community, while also providing a great facility for the local community to enjoy.